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To Help Fight Alzheimer's Disease June 21

A few years ago, I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer's Disease. I watched the strong, caring grandfather that loved to tell stories start to forget the simpliest details. Eventually he was unable to remember who we were, his own family, or how to wash and care for himself. It was heartbreaking, but I know that it couldn't be stopped. A cure to make his last years less painful would have helped. When he lost his memories, his stories disappeared. I miss those.

On June 21st, the Alzheimer's Association is having a fundraiser called "The Longest Day". People can "Do What They Love" as tribute to someone they know or have lost to Alzheimer's. I'll be donating the sales of The Crystal Keeper Chronicles 6/20-6/22 to this worthy cause. All sales on those days on Amazon.com will be calculated and donated to the Alzeimer's Association through one of the fundraisers Jason Hall, on Team Laura Barr.

Below are the links:
The Lost Secret of Fairies
The Lost Secret of the Green Man
The Lost Secret of Dragonfire

But you can also help by buying other books. On my writer's board, Kboards.com, there is a thread of other authors that are donating their sales to Alzheimer's. It has only come together in the last few days. But it's such a worthy cause, many of us are happy to donate our sales on those days. Here is the thread for you to find other books to purchase for the Alzheimer's Association:
Link to Kboards Authors to Help Alzheimer's

Thank you so much for your help. Sometimes it's the little things that can do the most good. A cure is worth it.